Redirect Domain to Different Nameserver


I very recently bought a domain from the Cloudflare Registrar.

However, my website is hosted through a shared hosting provider (inmotion hosting), and this provider has not assigned me a fixed IP. Instead they have gave me specific nameservers to redirect my domain to.

I cannot seem to get this working. I have assigned NS records for the root level of the domain (under the DNS management settings), but it still doesn’t resolve.

I am now wondering whether I can even do such a thing with Cloudflare. After searching the web, and the forums, I am not sure if what I’m trying to do is supported by Cloudflare.

If it’s not possible, are there any alternatives? I bought this domain very recently (< 10 days), so it’s not eligible for a transfer, but I’m fine with even temporary solutions.

You can’t. Domains registered through Cloudflare require you to use their nameservers.

If you want to use different nameservers, you’d have to transfer the domain to another registrar. If you can’t transfer it, you’ll have to wait I am afraid. The only alternative would be to use Cloudflare’s nameservers and change the address, for example, with the API whenever your host assigns you a new one. Probably not very feasible.

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