Redirect domain to dedicated server as admin

I am running a crypto mining pool on a dedicated server. Web server is NGINX. To login as an admin from the front end webpage, I must use something like (which is for example Of course, there is an IP filter in the server config to give that access only to my home static public IP. However, because Cloudflare gives my domain a ‘‘new IP’’, I can’t get access to my website as an admin anymore. I know there is a solution but I don’t know how to implement it to fix the issue.

**Keep in mind I am not a professional so please be patient if I am not using the proper wording.

Thank you.

Which solution do you have?

Try out mod_Cloudflare. But I don’t know if items a solution or if it works on nnginx (I don’t use it)and every plan since the True-Client-IP feature can only be used on Enterprise plans.

You could either run a VPN or allow the Cloudflare networks to access this server. Additionally enable Cloudflare Access. But you may have to authenticate twice then if the admin area requires authentication too.

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