Redirect domain fails. Only redirects to main page

I have my domain A wich is

And want to redirect everything to the domain b:

I already have domain A in cloudflare and set up a page rule as follows:* 301 redirects to$1

SSL set to Off, flexibe or to full seems to make no diference.

Sometimes says it can’t acces the site with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on Chrome while in some other cases only redirects to the main page ( losing the tail of the link.

Try any of these links:

it should redirect to their version, but it goes to the main page (

Works for me. It probably is a DNS caching issue on your end. Wait a couple of hours and then try again.

Does Opens https://www.tecnoriales.COM/2019/03/lg-nexus-4-android-L-antutu-benchmark.html ? It only opens losing the link tail

Thats a different issue from what you described though.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rule?

Heres the DNS info

Heres the rule

You need an asterisk in front of your domain for the page rule and need to change the $1 to $2.

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WOW. That was on point, is working now. Thanks a lot.

For anyone interested here is how it should look.

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