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I for the life of me cannot understand domain forwarding/redirects in Cloudflare. I have a site built on domain A. I have Domain B that I want to send people to Domain A. So if you go to domainB(dot)com/anything you are redirected to domainA(dot)com/anything. I have a redirect rule with 301 setup and it does not work. Domain B is unresponsive. There are no DNS records, only this rule. Help! Please! I’m at a loss and want to avoid GoDaddy forwarding.

That’s your problem. You need to have a DNS record for the domain you are redirecting from or the request can’t be resolved. Create a dummy proxied record for the domain/subdomains as A or AAAA 100::.


Got it. Trying that now. Thank you!

Nothing yet. Maybe it just needs more time to resolve? I entered in an A record @ and the dummy IP proxied. The redirect rule is setup as all incoming traffic, static, the domain i want it to go to, and status 301. Am I missing something else?

What is the domain?

pathwaylearn(dot)org redirected to pathwaylending(dot)org

It is redirecting ok. Your browser may have cached your previous non-working setup so try clearing your browser cache or using private/incognito mode.


Outstanding. Thanks for your help!

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