Redirect DNS

I received this message but I don’t know how to do the redirect. A records are not pointing to Bluehost. To fix this, please log in to the DNS provider associated with this domain. Then redirect your A record to point to Bluehost IP: If you have any questions, please reach out to Support. Your changes might take a few hours to go into effect.

If possible a video showing me how to fix it. Thank you.

Your website is proxied by Cloudflare, as that’s how this system works according to how you set it up.

Is your website not working?

My site is working at the moment, but this is the message I got and I was told by Bluehost support to make the changes on Cloudflare. I’ve done some searches online and it says I need to change the Page Rule in Cloudflare to resolve the issue. I don’t really know, I’m not that tech savy.

No, you can just ignore this. They’re just saying your domain doesn’t resolve to their IP. Which is correct, it’s proxied through Cloudflare so it’s a Cloudflare IP

If your site is functioning perfectly, kindly ignore the message



Because I also got an email from Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot for my domain name has an issue, which I don’t understand since it’s set to auto-renew. Bluehost told me the this problem and Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot was a connecting issue and if I dealt with Cloudflare then the other problem would resolve too.

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