Redirect Cloudflare domain to other Cloudflare domain

I’m trying to redirect and (no wildcards, exact match only) to another domain I’ve tried redirect rules, page rules, and CNAME flattening, proxy vs. not on the CNAMEs, adding A and AAAA stub records. Unsure of the exact variant that should work to perform this action.

Any suggestions for a guide on what to use vs. not to use? Most seem to return 404s for me, so I think some of these tools require proxying or other things.

If you are redirecting only, then add DNS for @ and www, each pointing to a proxied dummy record of A or AAAA 100::.

Then create a redirect rule like this…

(You can change “Dynamic” to “Static” and the expression to just “” and turn off “Preserve query string” if you don’t want to pass any paths).


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