Redirect cloudflare clickfunnels domain url to a different domain

I have a domain which is configured for clickfunnels through Cloudflare. I need to redirect one of the domain url to another domain but page rules don’t seem to be taking effect.
For example - should redirect to

One important fact, i do not see any kind of cloud icon now in Cloudflare for this clickfunnels integration.
Please help.

Without a :orange: on that DNS entry, your Cloudflare settings won’t take effect. I’m guessing it’s a CNAME that’s really an alias for Clickfunnels, so that behaves much like a :grey: entry.

yes, may be that’s why page rules not taking effect. IF i remove Cloudflare and directly integrate clickfunnels CNAME to my domain registrar DNS record then will it be possible to redirect or forward urls?

Since they’re a CF partner, your own page rules won’t take effect. What you can do is remove the click funnels CNAME and replace it with a :orange: A record pointing to

Now your page rules will take effect for that subdomain/DNS zone, but click funnels will no longer work (at all) on that subdomain, so the redirect has to (should) match the full subdomain, and not a specific path on the sub.

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