Redirect Classy Cname

We are transitioning from Classy to a new fundraising service and some clients are worried their old URL will be lost. Donation pages through the classy platform used a simple Cname record on our url:


we had the following cname set up:
Name (required)
Use @ for root
Target (required)
Proxy status
DNS only

How can i redirect all traffic that uses the old cname URL format to a new url or new cname?
The goal is to redirect from give_ourwebsite before they are sent to classy so we can send them to the new donation pages.

(seems like this should be very simple but i cant seem to make it work…)

CNAMEs themselves don’t redirect, they just point a hostname at the IP address of another hostname. You need to use a Redirect Rule or Page Rule to do the redirect.

If you can give the real domain names and URLs you want to redirect from and to, it will be easier to advise the easiest way to achieve what you want.



New user so cloudflare wont let me share more than 4 links

The original url was

With the c_name record that points to

We want to make sure all traffic to this url is now redirected to our new donation platform here:

I can create a page on the magisamericas_org website but i cant seem to get the redirect to work with either a page rule or a redirect rule. I think I am missing something.

Looks like i got it fixed. The hosting service was interfering with other redirects and we had some ssl issues. Just a web of platforms and services… but it is working now.