Redirect Canva website url/domain to our website subdomain

Good day, I hope you are all doing well. :wave:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

Please help me understand and resolve this issue, thank you!

We wanted to redirect a link/domain that we generated through (the reason is that the URL shows that the url originated from Canva and we wanted it to reflect the name of our website, if this makes sense)

We created a landing page through Canva: https://earthquake-retrofitting-seattle-webinar.**my.canva.**site/permits-landing-page

Our website domain was purchased through IONOS. Initially, I logged in to our IONOS account and created a test subdomain:

I then proceeded to try and redirect Permits Landing Page to reflect as but when I access the link it gives me an error.

I reached out to IONOS customer support and found that since I enabled Cloudflare we would need to set up the redirect here through the DNS settings.

I researched some articles and video tutorials but I don’t think I am getting it right. I tried adding CName etc but it gives an error I am not sure if the info I added was correct.

Can someone please guide me on this?

Can you please confirm if we need to create the subdomain in Cloudflare and not IONOS?

Also I hope this does not change our main website domain or settings because it will be really complicated for me. :sweat_smile:

so in short, we want to go to this page Permits Landing Page if we click on

We appreciate your help and guidance on this topic. Thank you!

Can you follow the below guide on how to create a redirect inside the dashboard?

Can you please confirm if we need to create the subdomain in Cloudflare and not IONOS?

You will need to create a subdomain for test as part of the above instructions you can see here:

The incoming traffic for the hostname referenced in visitors’ requests must be proxied by Cloudflare (also known as orange-clouded).


Hi, thanks for your response and for your help.

I was able to set up the rule and it worked.

Although I thought that the URL I set up will be kept/shown if forwarded. It turns out that is a different topic and upon research that seems to be called URL masking. I saw old threads here in Cloudflare that URL masking is not something available? Can you please confirm if there is an update to this?

show this:

instead of this URL while on this page:


Apologies but Cloudflare does not have a domain masking feature.

I have seen some users use Cloudflare Workers to write their own though.

You can check that out here:


Thank you for your help and for this information!

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