Redirect - big fail with google indexing

I had a hobby website After years I was lucky to acquire which is a bit easier. I wanted to slowly move stuff over to a new domain and put a 301 Permanently moved on the A, so google search will not forget everything learned over years.

So I went to Rules → Page rules and forwarded* to The issue is, always forwards to not B/aaa/bbb.jpg. But there is no way I can add every single url, maybe this is the cause of the whole failure I experienced?

Google Search Console says for every URL crawled on it’s redirected (and thus failed). Zone is partly crawled but not indexed yet after weeks, not sure why. There are still links visible from the old website before I took it, all with 404 obviously. As a result, I completely disappeared from google.

As a containment, I just reconfigured the virtual server so both domains open as websites. But ultimately I will need to shut down and the whole goal of permanent redirect was to ‘teach’ google that all references and the search score is now on

What have I done wrong in the process?



You can use a redirect rule with preserve query string. To redirect over to zone from so it will keep the Limited Access in the redirect to

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