Redirect an old QR code link to my new one

Hi , we printed leaflets with an old QR code that points to a non existing subdomain of ours. And I need to create a permanent foward to our new page. I’ve set up the forwarding rule on “Rules” but I am missing something. Do I need to create a dummy page and use that IP to create a dns rule for the forwarding to work?


You will need a proxied :orange: DNS record on the subdomain for rules to apply. You can simply create a proxied :orange: AAAA record pointing to 100:: (IPv6 discard prefix).

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Thank you very much , that worked.

The address that you use in the DNS record does not matter, since Cloudflare will redirect all requests anyways, but it’s good practice to use the IPv6 discard prefix, as it clearly signals that there’s no origin server. It also ensures that, if the redirect rule is ever deleted, requests are not sent to some random server.

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Site doesnt work on mobile devices. Any ideas?

What’s the error you’re seeing? Make sure DNS is not cached.

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What does the redirect rule look like?

Lets say the parent domain is , the redirect rule is hello.astalavista - Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect- to the new site which is a new domain , astalavista.hello

Just that

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