Redirect already re-directed domain to cloudflare

I bought my domain on GoDaddy, bought hosting on Hostgator and so redirected to Hostgator. Now I want to integrate Cloudflare into the setup. So do I redirect from GoDaddy or HostGator? Thanks in advance.

You need to set the Cloudflare name servers in the WHOIS section of your account at GoDaddy.

Thanks for taking time out to reply, but when I go to my godaddy account, it says your “We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.” I had changed my nameserver from godaddy to hostgator when I built my site.

So do I need to change back my nameserver to go daddy again and then configure to cloudflare or do I change it at Hostgator?

Whatever you did at GoDaddy so you could use Hostgator, you need to do again so you can use Cloudflare.

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