Redirect all urls except root from one domain to another domain along with path

I am trying to redirect a domain URL along with the path it is accessed with to another domain to same path. For example I have a URL which redirects to or which redirects to (dynamically for any URL slug) using the following cloudfare setting.

But the issue is I do have a separate site hosted for root domain i.e. but after setting the above page rule in Cloudfare it too gets redirected to as per the cloudfare configuration. But if I go to then it shows the root hosted website.

Is there any way around to have .in domain let host its root website

Hello there, here you are sourcing to the root domain with the utm_source
You can forgo that and check.


That utm_source parameter is just an additional thing to mark that it is coming directly from domain.

I have a different site hosted at domain, I wish to show that on the plain domain, and redirect if it is accessed with some path like to

If you visit at you will see the site hosted on root

As per my knowledge, that’s not supported. You can refer the doc:
Recommended page rules to consider