Redirect all non existent subdomains to my 404 page

Please tell how to do this,is it possible through Cloudflare Pagerules

Non-existent hostnames would not resolve in the first place, as you’d need a wildcard record. And if you have a wildcard record, that won’t be proxieable, so all requests will go straight for your server.

Do you have a wildcard record? In that case you have to do that on your server side.

IDK what is that???

What domain are you talking about and which wildcards?

I have this domain.

Well, you don’t have a wildcard, hence non-existent hosts won’t resolve in the first place.

Can you tell how to do that pls…

I already addressed this in my first response

You cannot do it, respectively only with a wildcard, which is not a Cloudflare specific question at that point.


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