Redirect ads after using cloudflare

I started some time ago to use Cloudflare as a dns for my website, the problem is now it sometimes has ads on it like you go to my website and it redirects you to a ad which redirects you to another and another and so on, i didn’t have that before i change my dns to Cloudflare

i have searched my website for some kind of virus of some sort but nothing comes up
I copied this problem because I have the same issue and I got no solution for it

I am sorry to hear that.

May I ask did this started at the moment you started using Cloudflare or was it already before it?

Have you tried temporary Pausing Cloudflare for your Website and see if it still persists?

This is a well-known behaviour of some malware or malicious code on your Website.

Depending what have you tried and used so far?

Certainly an option is to hire some expert to do a scan and cleanup process, but that is better discussed on other more appropriate forums, as it could be possibly an off-topic here.
Try searching on StackExchange, Reddit, Fiverr, or Upwork would come to mind in case of finding out more information what steps are needed to be done, to troubleshoot, or at least hire someone to do it for you.

I am afraid Cloudflare does not yet have an anti virus and/or malware tool for your website.
It provides security, firewall, performance, etc.

In that case, you should use online tools like Sucuri.

Moreover, if using Linux, there are tools like rkhunter, chkrootkit, clamav, etc. Otherwise, you would use and pay some tools like Patchman, KernelCare, Imunify360, Wazuh etc.

You could try out with Imunify AntiVirus (Free version) and scan your files (some cPanel hosting providers have it installed too).

Do you use some CMS like WordPress? For example on a WordPress Website (incl. databases, old backups, nulled things like themes or plugins, or outdated software).

If you think your WordPress website is being hacked, kindly see below articles as far as I am afraid Cloudflare currently cannot clean your WordPress hacked website even do something about it.

WordFence plugin is also good to scan files for malware and remove them and also enable protection for your Website. Moreover, if using Cloudflare and WordFence, do not forget to enable CF-Connecting-IP.

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