Redirect a Subdomain to another url WITHOUT using a Page Rule

I have to make about 60-100 subdomains that redirect to a different url on our site but I don’t want to do it using Page Rules as this will cost me between $60 - $100 a month. Is there a different way to configure this?

For example I want to direct to Search

Currently I have a cname set “marleyabraham” points to @ and it IS proxied

I can’t use the htacess file because we are building the new site for on however I think I can use their redirects once the domain has been moved over but I am not 100% sure so I wanted to ask here if anyone else knew of another way just in case so I can be prepared.

You could do the redirects using Workers. The documentation has some examples you could use as a starting point:

You will still pay for the requests, but depending on your situation it may not be above the free limit, and the cost is relatively small after that.

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