Redirect A record traffic, for redundancy (swappable)

I have a somewhat interesting request. I manage a web server for a number of businesses. a few times now, our hosting company networks have failed (99.99% uptime)…

After the second time, we are pretty fed up, but stuck, because we can’t go to all of our clients DNS providers, and update the A record to point to a different server.

So instead, I have come up with an idea, which I am sure is not novel.

I want to go through one last time, and point our clients A record to a static IP. Then that IP can send ALL traffic to a 2nd IP. Therefore, if 2nd IP ever goes down, I can go into this tool, wherever it is, and change the 2nd IP to a 3d IP on a different server, and not have to go into everyones DNS again.

It’s been rough finding a good solution. I have contacted most of the major cloud providers, and they only offer jury rigged ways of doing this. I was hoping to find a service that could do this.

You’d have to do this with a Load Balancer set to fail over.

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i also have a similar prob/ question. i’d like to fail safe one service i use like jsdlivr does. i also use perfops and would like to re-direct traffic to 1 cdn providor if perfops goes down, any idea how can do this? like in their infgraphic:

Instead of dynamically distributing traffic, can this also be a manual distribution to a single server?

Also, any way to do this without pointing nameservers to you guys? Just pointed the A record?

Has to be Cloudflare name servers unless you become a partner. I don’t think Cloudflare is the right solution for your situation.

Hey @sdayman.

Last question about this.

If I am pointing an A record to a service, for that service to handle a DNS record of an A record, we are only working in UDP protocol, or could it be both UDP and TCP?


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