Redirect a folder to another server

I understand how you can redirect and to different IP addresses. But is there a way to redirect a folder to another server? I want to host my blog on Domain Blog | Domain, Website, and Ecommerce Tips for Small Businesses (and not and wondering if there is a way to redirect this folder to a different server.

I assume you are referring to page rules. With these you never redirect based on hosts but based on URLs. These can be / like in your first example or also /blog or even /hello/i/am/a/very/deep/path. It all comes down to your page rule pattern.

If you post the domain and the actual URLs it will be easier to provide a concrete example.

Thank you Sandro. I was referring to the DNS path. Currently I have two ‘A’ records points to 192.65.XXXX
www points to 192.65.XXXX

Likewise, I can also create a blog that points to the other server where my blog is hosted. But I am wondering if I need the blog to be a folder and not a subdomain, how I can get that done.

Is that possible with DNS? Or should I go for PageRules. I see PageRules do have a forwarding URL option, but I am not sure if that’s ideal since I want the URLs to still read '

Redirects of that sort generally cant be achieved via DNS.

Whether you want blog host or a blog directory is fully up to you. You simply need to configure it properly on your server.

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