Redirect a domain with SSL but not site to a secure URL

We host the website content for several affiliates under our own, secure domain and website. We have to use URL redirection, but can Cloudflare be used to add an SSL to the domain and redirect? Example: and to https://mystate.orr/PageServer?pagename=home_mycounty

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Thank you for asking.

For the main domain (yours) - yes.

For the other domains to which yours does redirect - it could add an SSL if you are going to use SSL for SaaS feature.

Kindly, take a look for more information about this feature at the links from below:

From the docs:

Or, rather this is not related for your case and I might misunderstood your question.

In terms of a redirection from them to some 3rd, I am afraid not possible (or not aware for this yet).

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply.

You can use Cloudflare to proxy the domains to your web server which would give you the ssl certificate and then handle the content redirect within the server. How you handle it on the server will depend on your site structure and tech stack. You could, for example, run the receiving server as a second reverse proxy (Cloudflare being the first) which delivers content from your primary web site by calling a url dependent on the requested domain.
From what I remember you need to use the Cloudflare headers to determine the requested host.

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