Redirect a domain from Cloudflare to a subdomain


I bought a domain on Cloudflare, and now wanted to try to use it by redirecting it to a subdomain of another domain.

I created the cname from www to non www, and a cname to redirect to the subdomain.

But it doesn’t work. It says " Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server."


It’s easier to do a redirect using this tutorial:

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But I don’t want to redirect to another domain. I want to create a new website with the domain I bought, so I create it on a subdomain of another domain I own, and use my new domain.

Sorry, your original question mentioned Redirect several times.

If you want some other site to respond to a different hostname via a CNAME, then that other site needs to be configured to do so. Some hosts even let you add multiple hostnames to a single site. You would need to ask your host how to do this.

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Ok, so the problem must be on the destination domain?

I didn’t know the right word, if it is redirect or not, but it is from new domain (on cloudflare) from a subdomain in another host. I guess is what you said, the settings here are alright with the cname, but the destination domain doesn’t allow it.

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