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I have a domain,, and i recently bought the domain
What i would like is this. If someone will browse for the to be redirected to the .com. I tried doing that with page rules but i got an error, that the first should be matching the .com.
Can someome help me solve this?


We have a tutorial on this!

So i need to configure DNS for the and not the .com?

Thank you for answering so fast! I will do that and update this thread.

The problem is that the domain is with another provider. That provider doesn’t tell me how to set up the DNS records in order to redirect, instead they offer me a hosting package to forward the domain to any url. But i don’t want that because there is no learning in that. Any ideas how the DNS records should be?

Are you not able to add that domain to Cloudflare as well?

If you are just using it to redirect to the other domain, it should not affect anything currently running.

It’s a domain. I thought that cloudfare doesn’t support these domains.

You can’t register domain with Cloudflare, however you can still add them to your account to use Cloudflare’s services.

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So i changed the DNS as the tutorial says and i created the page rule but it didn’t work.
Could you have a look and tell me what i did wrong?

I do get redirected when I go to the root domain, however you may want to add the * and the $2 as shown in the screenshot in the tutorial to cover all pages on the site.

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So you type in your browser and it’s redirecting you to
I did the changes but It’s not working for me.


It may be a cached value on your end, it should clear in time.


> --------------------------------------------
> 301 Moved Permanently
> --------------------------------------------

|**Status:**|301 Moved Permanently|
| --- | --- |
|**Date:**|Sat, 01 Jun 2019 09:36:40 GMT|
|**Expires:**|Sat, 01 Jun 2019 10:36:40 GMT|
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Ok, thank you for your help! Indeed i tried from another device and it works!

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