Guys, I have a problem here and I can’t solve it.

I need to redirect the link to

How do I do it here for CloudFlare?

How can I do it through htaccess?

I tried to use the rule and it didn’t work:
RewriteCond Host: (?: Www .)? Subdomain \ .your domain \ .com \ .br
RewriteRule (.*) / Directory $1 [I, L]

Some help?

A Page Rule would do this, but there’s a caveat below.
Setting: Forwarding URL (301) to$1

The problem is that the SSL/TLS certificate Cloudflare provides does not cover www in front of a subdomain:

Cloudflare doesn’t use Apache, so that’s beyond the scope of the Community forum. It’s best to try a forum such as

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Do I need to have this certificate on

I will not use the www subdomain.

My problem is that I created a document in PDF format and ended up putting up the wrong site. I’m looking for a solution to open on the correct website. I accidentally put www where it wasn’t supposed to.


You will have to, just to do the redirect.

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Thank you very much. I understood.

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