Redirecionamento 301

Friends good night
I’m having problems with the redirect. I already use RULES, but it doesn’t work.
I used the rules in the domains that need to be redirected:

RULE 01*$1

RULE 02*$1

RULE 03*$1

I created three rules. One each each URL.
The problem is that there are still two slashes (//)

What should I do?

Thank you.

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Try turning off Rule 01 and Rule 03.

Rule 02 should work for the example you showed.

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I created the first rule. Then I created a second one. In the end I created the third rule. I also figured that just rule two can solve all the problems. I created other rules to try to solve.

That’s why there were so many rules.

I followed your recommendation and removed rule 01 and rule 03, but it hasn’t worked yet.

Any other suggestions?

It works for me:

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Thank you very much.
It worked out.
I cleared the cache and tested it on an anonymous page.

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