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I have redesigned my Website and Purged the Cache a few times, but after still 20 hours only the old Webdesign is visible for visitors. What could I do?

Thank you really much!

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In the past, people have had this happen because whatever they updated wasn’t the live site.

Or it’s a browser cache issue.

You can eliminate Cloudflare as a potential snag by going to the DNS page and setting your domain to :grey: and see if you get the updated content.

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Thank you for the answer.

  1. I think that I have updated the right site, because if i locked in my WordPress. I see the right page.
  2. But I also doesn’t see the right design if I cleared the Browser Cache.

Is it possible that the Backend from WordPress is not the same as the Website in general?

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It’s really crazy, if I am in me original chrome browser, were I also adding my page I see the right design also if I am looked out, but if I use the inkognito chrome browser, I see the wrong design. What could be the problem, and I have no caching plugin.

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But another interesting point is, that the amp version is the updated one. Only the Desktop Version is the old one.

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Hi there, I have redesigned my Page. But know only the AMP pages are visible in the new design and a pages I have added at the same time as the Redesign. In Cloudflare I have Purged the Cache a few times but still after 24 hours the old design is visible for users on my Website. (If I am locked in my WordPress Account, I see all post in the new Design). As I loaded the new design up I set Cloudflare to the Developer Mode.

Have any body an Idea where the Problem could be?

The new Design is visible on the Link: Become a Pro | better English grades
And the old Design on the this Link:

Thanks to all who would like to help me!

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Finally I found the mistake, I had installed a Plugin called Swift Perfomance Lite, which generated a cache. As I redesigned the Website I deleted these Plugin, but the cache did not. So that was my mistake.


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