Reddit Pixel Accoount ID format


I try to set up Reddit Pixel third-party tool in Zaraz, but it seems that there is some constraint on Account ID format. It looks like Zaraz expects/accepts some kind of tx_xxxxpxlx format ID (where x are some chars), but we have got ID that starts with a2_. As a result, we can’t save our ID and Zaraz says Please enter a valid ID.

Reddit’s support answered that our ID is perfectly valid.

Any suggestions on how to set up Reddit Pixel 3rd-party tool on Zaraz with our ID?

It looks like we have found the workaround:

  1. define the variable of type string and assign it the value of Reddit Pixel Account ID;
  2. when setting up Reddit Pixel 3rd-party tool, in the field of Account ID select the variable defined in step one.

That’s it!


Thanks, we’ll also take a look to see if there is an error with the validation.