Redacted site

Allowing the abuse of minors. Massive multiplayer chat.hosted by this site. A 15 year old girl left a team in this game. That’s it. Peacefully left. You can marry or divorce. She divorced, married me. I get banned and they bully and sexually degrade her after I told them she was a 15 year old virgin to leave her alone Numerous complaints to staff did nothing and they threatened that they know where she lives. No one has done anything. So I’m spreading word. And this hosting site makes it very hard to report child abuse to their services. It’s supposed to be a game. No need to track down children over a game. It’s disgusting. Who knows how often they do this stuff. And this place is allowing it. And making it hard to contact them. Photos for proof too, of ghost account in game. Last seen 60 days ago. Sending threats and account was never really used. Online, idled for two months. It’s weird. Stop hosting {redacted}. it’s a haven for child abuse and staff doesn’t care. I believe they are involved. And I’m piecing together criminal complaints to courthouses right now also.

I believe the “mr” part was added for confusion.

The community forum does not take abuse reports. The only way to report abuse is at Abuse approach - Cloudflare. We also highly recommend you report illegal activity to your local authorities.