Hello Cloudflare Community Family,

I waited 24 hours.The certificate seems to be fraud :frowning:
Please help me us.

Please control:
what is the problem?

If you want to help, Team Viewer availableā€¦



Try setting the www subdomain in Cloudflare Dashboard to orange-cloud.


Hello. Iā€™m not too familiar with 000webhost (you appear to be using them?), but I found this thread about enabling Cloudflare SSL with them, have you followed these steps?


Webhost manager set everything up.
When you activate www, the site is shutting down. (Multiple redirects error)
I was using hostinger. Ftp is starting to give a critical error. I migrated to WebHost.
and only red https problem there is.


Try setting www subdomain to orange cloud in Cloudflare Dashboard and turn SSL mode from Flexible to Full in order to solve the multiple redirect issue.


@tanto259 help for thanks but I have to wait for it to be effective.
I am waiting


@tanto259 Thanks! I am grateful to you And to those who help that the problem has been solved!