RED CROSED HTTPS but the system shows everything is ok, any tips?

Hey guys :slight_smile:
Started working with Cloudflare lately, in the beginning, my SSL worked fine and was green a couple of weeks later I’ve noticed I see it in red and find it difficult to enter my website.
Started looking for a solution and I can’t seem to fix it. Everything on my panel on Cloudflare seems fine but the issue is still there.

Please help.

Right now you are not proxying through Cloudflare and the SSL issue comes from an expired certificate. You first have to renew your HTTPS certificate (it expired half a year ago). Once that is done you can either keep your current configuration or start proxying through Cloudflare, if you prefer that.

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Thank you Sandro :slight_smile:
How can I renew my certificate?
Where exactly can i find it?
I moved for the free SSL, will it cost me anything this time?

You have a Lets Encrypt certificate, which was issued last September. If you didnt have that issued it was probably the person who set up your account. Contact them.

As for “free SSL”, Cloudflare does not offer that per se, respectively does not offer anything more than you can get without Cloudflare as well.

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Unfortunately, I’m the one who issued it :sweat_smile:
Can you please be more precise what certificate it was and where can I find it?
And what do you mean “does not offer anything more than I can get without Cloudflare”?

Then simply follow the steps from back then and renew the same certificate. If you dont have the private key any more, just have a new one issued. will be able to provide more assistance

What exactly is unclear? Generally speaking, Cloudflare should not be used with a sole focus on HTTPS.

Got it :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
Thank you so much Sandro

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