Recursive Queries on and


I used[https: to check my DNS
I am getting errors regarding Recursive queries (bellow):

Recursive Queries
I could use the nameservers listed below to performe recursive queries. It may be that I am wrong but the chances of that are low. You should not have nameservers that allow recursive queries as this will allow almost anyone to use your nameservers and can cause problems. Problem record(s) are:

A search on this forum found this post about exactly the same problem:

In the above post it was suggested that the result is not accurate, and to try a different site,

However the openresolver site is still giving an error:

Open recursive resolver detected on

IP address is vulnerable to DNS Amplification attacks.

What is going on? Is this a issue? Can I fix it?

Many thanks for your help Dave.

In short:
Nothing to bei worried about as this is Cloudflare’s ‘issue’, not yours. Try to resovle something against this servers :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that they have secured their servers as best as possible.

Can you try another other test? incorrectly reports that Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS servers are “open recursive resolvers” as a false positive – it tests by sending a query for, which Cloudflare responds positively (but authoritatively) to because is in fact hosted on Cloudflare!       86400   IN      NS       86400   IN      NS
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Ok teen nothing to worry about.
Thanks for the replies.

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