Recovery DNS records


I have a problem, my domain was suspending because I didn´t the payment, so when I did, Cloudflare deleted all DNS records of that domain, Is there a way to recover it?


hi @jonathan.santos I would contact support directly,

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So long as the domain has not been purged entirely we should be able to help retrieve some -if not all- of the DNS records for you. However if the domain was purged entirely then I am afraid we no longer have a copy.

Realize this doesn’t help you today, but once you have everything reconfigured I would strongly recommend exporting a copy of your DNS zone file and storing this on your local machine or on a private git repository. This way you can always revert in the case of an emergency such as this.


would be nice if Cloudflare had a automatic export dns zone to cloud storage feature i.e. export to google drive, onedrive, aws s3 etc which can auto export via scheduler :slight_smile:

though suppose can do that via Cloudflare’s api

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@Martijn, @otto or @help I would like to recover a TXT record I deleted this morning. Could you help me get it back?