Recovery account: lost 2FA, unable to login

Hello Team

I’ve set up my account a long time ago to use 2FA for login. Now, due to a technical issue, I lost access to the OTP app on my phone (Google Authenticator) and my backup codes.
I already complete the form for assistance,
without an answer.

Then I opened a new account to be able to open a case, which is the following #3182655.
I did the recovery process on March 8th and displayed the following message: “Success! You will receive an access code in 3-5 days at your email address.” Today is the fourth day, and still don’t have an answer.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Hi there,

The emails are being sent and delivered to the user’s inbox. Last delivery event was on 2024-03-12 1:29 AM.

Please check the user inbox, spam folder or contact your email administrator inquiring about email filtering before the inbox.

Take care.

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Yesterday Alexander received the following mail with the subject: Verify your login help request
However, after clicking on the link provided, the subsequent screen appeared, but no further action occurred.
We are waiting for the mail with the access code to recover the account.
Today is the fifth day since we submit the request.
The request was submitted the last Friday the 8th of March 2024.
Please disable the 2FA in the account to be able to access it.

Any news, could you please help us?
Could you please escalate the case in order to bring us a solution

Mr @cloonan

Hope you can help us.
I have open the case #3182655
Last Friday March 8th 2024, I did the recovery process
We received a mail with a code to start the recovery request.

The message indicates that It will take 3-5 days for Cloudflare to review my request.
Today marks 5 days and we still have not received the code or email to restore access to the account.
I had to open a new account (steven.montoya) to be able to open the case with technical support.
I have explained the situation to them.
I already complete the form for assistance,
without an answer.
Could you please help us restore access to the alexander.herrera@… account.
Could you ask support to send the email to restore access? since as we indicated initially we lost the multi-factor code and the backup codes.
We only have the account password.
Also, we asked support if they could disable 2FA for access alexander.herrera account but we still waiting for an answer.

Really appreciate your help!

I have updated the ticket, and you should be good to go now.

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