Recovering domains from another Cloudflare account

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I reached out to support and they told me to post the issue here.

We (The Debt Collective) own the following domains.

We don’t have access to the Cloudflare account that manages DNS for these domains, and while we already migrated these domains to another registrar (AWS in this case), is not possible for us to change the DNS nameservers without doing it first on Cloudflare.

I would like your help in moving these domains to the Cloudflare account. I just created an account with my email address.

Let me know what information you need in order to complete the transfer, we can provide the evidence we own these domains.


You won’t be able to transfer them to another account, you can only set them up anew on that other account.

Also, the .net domain does not seem to be on Cloudflare.

We don’t have access to the Cloudflare account with these domains, is belongs to a person external to our organization. I was told by support that I need to create a new account (which I did) and ask these domains to be transferred to this new account. Can you expand more on this?

I’m checking the domains and nameservers for the .org and .net are on Cloudflare. Looks like the .com is not but I’ll double-check this on our end.

Sorry, meant .net. .net is actually not on Cloudflare.

Anyhow, creating your own account was the first step. Now you need to add all three domains to Cloudflare and then change their nameservers at your registrar to the new nameservers Cloudflare will provide you on the new account.

One thing to pay attention to, Cloudflare won’t be able to import the DNS records, so you need to set them up manually once the domains are in your account.

Hey @sandro,

I tried to add the domains, the most important one is the .org one but this is the message I got when I try to do it.


The domain was apparently blacklisted for some reason. You can only follow the advice given here to fix that.

Set up the other two domains in the meantime.

Hey @sandro,

I’ll add the other domains and ping customer support about the blacklisted domain. I already did send a message to that address ([email protected]) but they told me to post a topic first here.


Yes, support likes to outsource their job to the forums :wink: but that’s something only they can fix, unless the finally provide us with system access :smile:.

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