Recovering assigned IP Addresses + Obsidian custom Domain

Hi there! I’m fairly new in this and made a mistake that makes me feel ashamed, but well, I hope you can help me find the solution.

I’m trying to setup a custom domain to my Publish Page in Obsidian, so I need to setup the DNS Records. I was following the guide at Obsidian and got confused by an error indicating me that I couldn’t have A, AAAA and CNAME to my root, that I should decide wether or not to erase one of the records, so I did, along the assigned IP Addresses.

I’m trying to walk back this, but I don’t find the IP Addresses. Could anybody guide me through this?

Did you delete the records from the Cloudflare DNS? If so, you should be able to find the history of what you have done in the audit log…

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Thanks! It took a while and I couldn’t find the IPv6, but yes, one can find them in the auditlog.

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