Recovering Account

Hello, our client X with Y domain has its DNS setting in Cloudflare.

We’ve been trying relentlessly to recover the account but we haven’t been able to. Could you please help us?

We have access to their domain in “names co uk” but the company advised that the DNS settings are managed from Cloudflare. SOS we are desperate.

Thank you

Recover your Cloudflare account? If it’s a customer domain you may added to your account.

Just change the dns name servers. As you clearly say you have access to the domain registrar.

Hi Alejandro

Names co uk is telling us that we need to change the name servers from Cloudflare but neither us nor the client have the credentials of CloudFalare.

We tried using names co uk DNS settings but they said its not a live feature

We tried adding the A record their to point to a GURU hosting server but its not working

Cloudflare doesn’t control your DNS. Its your registrar.

Like when you actually change the default DNS to Cloudflare you didn’t do it on Cloudflare.

So must have to talk to your registrar.

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