Recover deleted videos

I have a website where i upload videos for using cloudflare service. i defaulted in renewing my plan. last week my videos were deleted. i just made payment for the expired services. but my videos seems to be lost.
please is there a way i can recover it back?

That sounds like you’ve been letting it hang for a long while, before taking proper action.

The documentation clearly says that videos are removed if the subscription is not renewed within 30 days.

I have my reservations for this, especially given that the latest information I heard, was that you were also being reminded daily for 31 days, before the deletion would happen.

That said, I would suggest you to open a support ticket about the recovery, and post your ticket number here once it’s done.

Thank for you response. No i wasnt reminded daily for 31 days. Meanwhile i was having issues with using my card for international transaction. which have been resolved now.
Please find below my ticket ID. Thank you.

  • Ticket ID: [3140687]

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