Recover Account via admin e-mail, missing 2FA device / recovery codes

subject: Recover Account via admin e-mail, missing 2FA device / recovery codes

I was somehow able to create a ticket without logging in. See ticket: #2964710. In the ticket I request help with account recovery. However, I have waited several days without receiving any response.

I have access to the account’s email address, but resetting the password is unhelpful because I do not have a recovery code or access to any of the 2FA devices (due to staff turnover).

The automated recovery instructions say that I can recover the account by adding tags into my website to prove I am in control of it. I have access to dev dot seekinvest dot com, but not the base domain website: seekinvest dot com, which is a wordpress site being hosted by Cloudflare. Without access to Cloudflare, I cannot update the website and cannot recover my account. Unless you tell me that I can authenticate by making changes to I am totally stuck.

Perhaps it would be possible to verify the account in another way, such as by providing billing information or by having a recovery code sent by mail to the address on file? Would either of those options be possible? Given the urgency of the issue, the lack of response to my ticket is quite frustrating.

I have also put my phone number in the ticket in case it would be possible to receive help by phone.

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This is not possible. While static sites can be hosted using Cloudflare Pages, there is no offering from Cloudflare that can host a WordPress site. Your site has to be with another webhost and you should be able to upload the necessary codes there.

Phone support is only offered in emergencies on Enterprise agreements.

I understand that you are frustrated. Cloudflare is transparent with setting response time expectations.

Recent changes to Cloudflare offerings have added the ability to have more than one duper administrator per account. While this does not help you get logged in now, once you get that resolved
you can use it to prevent losing access again

The best and quickest option to regain access is going to be to check your accounts payable to identify your WordPress webhost so that can load the code into your site.

Thank you for your informative response. You were correct that our WordPress was being hosted elsewhere and my teammate was able to access it and upload the Cloudflare provided tag necessary for us to receive help from Cloudflare support with account recovery. I explained this in ticket #2964710 today, but since my previous messages in this ticket had not received any responses I am hoping you can confirm that this ticket is still open and will receive a response.

Now that I have jumped through the hoops, when might I expect to receive help with recovery?

Thanks in advance.

Your ticket should still be open if you were not sent a closure notice.

For perspective, the published minimum time to a response on a Pro plan is at least 5 business days. Adjust your expectations from there and with any luck you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I have passed your ticket number along to the escalation queue. You should see a response here and in the ticket when someone is available to assist you.

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