Recover access to a cloudflare account

This message was originally posted in private to cloudflare support, but in order to get through to actually talk to someone from support the system force me to post this in the community first so here is the message again :

I am a developer working for [CENSORED-COMPANY] Inc. I am trying to recover access to the cloudflare account that manages [CENSORED-DOMAIN].com …

A previous developer who worked on the site set up a cloudflare account to manage DNS for [CENSORED-DOMAIN].com domain, we ended our relationship with this contractor and unfortunately he did not share with us the access to the cloudflare account… We need to make some changes to DNS and thus need access to cloudflare.

Is there anything you could do to help?

I understand that there are security issues at play, but I can assure you that [CENSORED] Inc. does not have the cloudflare account access to manage their own domain DNS… I would be glad to present any proof required to confirm our Identity so you can be certain that we are indeed [CENSORED] Inc.

One thing that could help is perhaps share with us which email is associated with the account that controls [CENSORED-DOMAIN].com … Alternatively, another thing that could work is if you could transfer the domain dns to another cloudflare account (we could use the cloudflare account I am using right now for example)

I am open to any suggestions.

The last resort option would be to remove the nameserver pointing to cloudflare from our domain’s registrar ( + , however this is the least desirable option because as soon as we remove those nameservers we will lose all our current DNS configuration (emails will go down, website will go down and possibly multiple other settings/services could go down, I am not 100% sure what are all the current DNS configuration for this domain). If this is the only possible option then would it be possible for you to at least share with us all the current DNS settings that are setup in cloudflare for [CENSORED-DOMAIN].com this way we will be able to set them back exactly the same in our registrar with minimal down time and avoiding forgetting any DNS entry.

Thank you,

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Sorry @user280 the email from Support is pretty clear For the security and privacy of our users, we can only work with the account holder directly.

They don’t make exceptions to that, if you’re unable to contact the vendor that did the work on your behalf in order to gain access to the account, you need to add it to your account here and change the nameservers with your registrar. At that point you will have control over the domain.

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