Records on cloudflare, double quotes or not?

Hi there, simple one, should cloudflare records, in the content, have double quotes?

Should they never have them? Should they always have them?

Take TXT for example, when doing an SPF record, should the info be in a quote?


No just write it without quotes and it should be fine!


So, if something was put in with quotes, Cloudflare wouldnt parse them out or something?

I am just trying to work out if it is bad to have them, as many of mine do.

If you add the quotes, cloudflare will still save it, however 90% of the occasion the quotes are not required! :grinning:

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Oh interesting, so its not required, but its also not invalid?

No it is not invalid. I have a _dmarc TXT records that requires to have quotes.

Ok I didnt know that, thank you!

SPF and DKIM are the ones I was wondering about, but i asked ‘broadly’ of all records, are those ones different?

99% doesn’t require quotes. If quotes are required they will mention that, so general use: use it without quotes!

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