Records Not Propagating - Website & Emails Down - Webflow Hosted Website

Hello everyone,

My company is in a bit of pickle. Our website and emails are down. Our domain ( uses Cloudflare to manage our DNS records. This morning, our website unexpectedly went down and our email stop working (Gmail Business).

I contacted Webflow support who confirmed the issue did not come from their side and in their reply mentioned the following:

" With this in mind, we would recommend reaching out to Cloudflare’s support team to help you investigate why the records are not propagating. Given that Cloudflare generally propagate DNS records in a matter of seconds, it seems that this is likely caused by something in your DNS configuration specifically."

Our domain ( is under another Cloudflare account but I could join the community with the associated email. Cloudflare community sends an email confirmation to join but our emails are down I had to create a new account just to post this message.

Is there anyway to talk to someone from Cloudflare to resolve this issue without having to sign-up to a paid b business account?

How can we found out where the issue is coming from?

Thanks in advance for your help. This is really urgent!

Your domain is on serverHold (maybe due to expiry) and no longer resolves. Contact your registrar…


Issue seems to be solved.

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