Records not propagating (TXT + CNAME)

I have a domain which has an A record and A CNAME records, both going through Cloudflare proxy. It all works fine and has been for some time.

The client is asking to add a TXT and CNAME record, for a third party application. We did so, bypassing the proxy. Those records are in the DNS management, but they can not be found when I do a lookup.

I manage a lot of domains with Cloudflare and this is the first time that happens to me.

Can you please help understanding what the issue is?

That record exists. Please note that RFC prohibits CNAMEs for the apex domain, so it would be converted to an “A” record IP address:

Thank you for helping here.

I have 2 CNAME and 1 TXT records.

The azure CNAME and TXT can not be found when I do a lookup and the azure setup doesn’t work.
This is my issue :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

The CNAME is there:

As is the TXT record:

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