Records left in Cloudflare after closing Clickfunnels account is interfereing with setting up Kajabi

There appears to be orphaned records held by Cloudflare from my Clickfunnels account that was cancelled a while ago. This is causing problems setting up my new Kajabi account, which uses Cloudflare for custom DNS in a similar way to how Clickfunnels did.

These records don’t appear in my list of sites in my Cloudflare account.

Liaising with Clickfunnels technical support, the old records need to be purged from Cloudflare.

How do I go about having the Cloudflare cache and configuration purged of these records?


I’ve never heard of stale records being kept on a zone, mind sending a screenshot of your DNS page and the record that’s orphaned?

Here is the screenshot of the DNS record in question:


Sorry I meant the DNS page in Cloudflare, I just want to see what you’ve got setup vs what your saying to be there :slight_smile:

That is easy as it is completely empty :slight_smile:
The Clickfunnels systems added the sub domain to Cloudflare and I would guess it is via their account, in a similar way to how Kajabi does it.


Right so if your domain isn’t in Cloudflare in your account personally, where are your NS record pointing? To Click Funnels?

The name servers records are pointing to GoDaddy nameservers, where the domain is registered.

There is a CNAME created pointing to

In the Kajabi system they use Cloudflare to host their domains and redirections.

However for some reason the Cloudflare servers are pointing it to, which I am guessing is from when I used to have the site hosted with Clickfunnels a year ago.

I don’t have and haven’t created these records in Cloudflare, they have been created by Clickfunnels and should be created by Kajabi now.

Liaising with Clickfunnels they say the record needs to be purged, and I’m trying to find out how to go about it.

That sounds the best in this case :slight_smile: .

Even though you own the domain since it resides in there account they’re going to have to delete it.

Hope that helped at all

Thanks, I’ll go back to Clickfunnels and hope they can purge from their account.
If not will need to understand how to request it is purged by Cloudflare.

As an update, I have managed to get this resolved.

The issue was escalated to a tech lead in Kajabi who found that the records still existed in Cloudflare from when I had a Clickfunnels account as they weren’t deleted when I cancelled it.

They escalated this issue within Cloudflare and were able to have the records removed.

This means, now the domain is pointing to the right location.

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[EDIT: I mistakenly referenced Kinsta instead of Kajabi]

Good on Kajabi, as too many times these third party partners kick it back to their user to fix what’s really not their problem. If only Shopify could follow Kajabi’s lead.