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Hello, everyone! I’m making a minecraft server and I am trying to make an A and SVR record for my domain ( I’ve added cloudflare’s DNS addresses and created the records I need. After waiting for a week nothing happened. The records didn’t update. Can anyone help me with the issue? I can provide every information needed.

PS My domain hosting is trash. The only thing it allows is adding DNS addresses, nothing more. In fact I’ve used this domain on the same hosting before (March 2021 to be exact) and It worked:)

Your domain appears to be pointing to the correct Cloudflare name servers. However, I’m not seeing any records when querying. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the DNS configuration from the Cloudflare dashboard? Feel free to redact any sensitive information, such as server IP addresses.

Sure, there you go.!
Screenshot_20211112-204457_Samsung Internet|690x104

Great, thanks! The Cloudflare name servers assigned to the domain are answering queries for these two records as expected. However, I now see that I overlooked something in my initial response. There are actually two other name servers associated with the domain as well: and These should be removed from the domain. Right now, the result depend on which name server ends up answering. However, please note that any records that may exist on the 2ap side (except NS and SOA basically) need to be added to your Cloudflare DNS configuration.

Okay, hear me out. These DNS addresses were added around 24h ago. They don’t do anything to the domain. I used them for a verification method on one website. The thing is before they were added the records didn’t work either.

There could certainly be other issues here as well, but consider a scenario where you want to get the IP address for the “play” subdomain. These are the four name servers currently associated with your domain:

If you go ask any of the first two name servers, “play” doesn’t exist. No such record. If you instead check with one of the two Cloudflare servers, “play” is at IP address xyz. Success!

For the purpose of this example, let’s say the name server selection is random. Might not be as simple as that, but the point here is that only one server will be queried. A missing record on one server doesn’t mean that the client will check the next one. You can certainly use all four name servers, but then their configuration needs to match exactly. So in this example, all four would need to have the “play” record.

Okay so if I delete the non-cloudflare name servers, I should be good, right?

Yes, assuming you have added all DNS records you need on the Cloudflare side (since the old name servers won’t be used anymore). Once you have removed the non-Cloudflare name servers, give it some time. If you’re still having issues, say, later during the weekend, I would be happy to help you troubleshoot further.

My account still didn’t get verified so I’ll probably wait till tomorrow and It should be done. After that I’ll delete the additional DNS servers. I don’t think it will help but, let’s try!

Oh God! In the dns checker website I put instead of in the A record and it Works! I think you were right then, everything works as supposed to. I might just delete the additional nameservers.

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