Records are not updating recently for my domains in Cloudfare


Recently I noticed my domains records are not propagating correctly. I had to remove some domains from Cloudflare. But since I enjoy the tool, I am trying to find a solution.

Here is one example for my domain

I added some CNAME records for validation purpose as well as some TXT records. (10 days ago)

I still don’t see these records when chekcing my DNS, I end up being unable to validate my domain with Hubspot. I never had this issue with any other domain until fews week ago).

Did something changed ?

Thanks for your help

Which entries and make sure the CNAME entries are not proxied.

The TXT entries are in place - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

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All good for the TXT entries. Thank you

The CNAME are not proxied and they are not on the root domain so should not be flatten

If you don’t post the actual hostnames, it is impossible to say anything else on this.

Here are the CNAME entries:

CNAME - hs1-25367206._domainkey -
CNAME - hs2-25367206._domainkey -

You delegated to another nameserver. That can’t work.

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What does that mean ?

That you must not delegate that domain to another nameserver if you want to manage its hosts with Cloudflare.

But my domain nameserver are currently the one from Cloudflare. that’s how I have setup A record that are working at the moment. How is that possible ?

I am not talking about your domain’s nameservers, I am referring to those of _domainkey. You need to drop those or configure your entries exclusively with them.

Alright, I will try to drop it to see

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