Recording WebRTC Live Streams

Greetings, we love your Cloudflare Stream product and are launching a creator platform using your VOD and Live Streaming. However, we really need to be able to offer recordings of creator live streams that are launched in browser and not just in OBS or software based RTMP. It sounds like this is in the roadmap, but is sort of a deal breaker for our business model. Is there any work around for this? For example Livepeer has a browser based streaming sdk that uses web sockets? Any ideas or help on this we would be very thankful. I would fund a dev team building the tech is that’s what it takes. Thank you.

@portl — we recently launched an open beta of WebRTC live streaming, which allows creators to go live from within a web browser — no need for users to download OBS or use special software. Would love your feedback if you’re able to check it out and give it a try!

Thank you. We have been testing the WHIP system, but we neee to be able to record the streams which the beta does not seem to support. Our solution has been to use Antmedia for webrtc and utilize their RTMP forwarding to send to Cloudflare where we are hosting our VOD and also want to host our live streams and live stream recordings. We see recording feature is coming soon, we will be exited to adopt WHIP when it does. Wondering how soon is Coming Soon?

Thanks @portl! We’re doing work right now to support recordings of WebRTC live streams. I’ll keep you posted!

Greetings @irvinebroque Any news on recording the Whip Webrtc streams? We are about to launch a platform with 100s of streamers and this feature will determine whether we can stick with Cloudflare Stream. We love the platform, but not being able to record Webrtc live streams is a big problem for us. Can you suggest any workarounds? Do you guys have any webrtmp solution for companies that need to offer recording of their live streams?

Checking back on recording Whip/Whep streams. Any news?

Hi! Also interested in the recording feature of WebRTC, wondering if there’s even a soft timeline on this?

If someone has found a relatively cost effective workaround while this feature is in development I’d appreciate if you share.


I have been waiting years for this feature which they told me was months away. It leaves the Cloudflare Stream service with a major problem for platforms like mine that also need to be able to record their Webrtc sessions. @irvinebroque Can we please get an update on this?