Record the Dkim private key on Couldflare


I have registered my Dkim public key on the DNS panel. I have the private key. Should I give it to Cloudflare technical support?
Thank you for your help.

The private key stays on your mail server. Cloudflare doesn’t need it.


Thanks for the quick feedback. I created the public and private keys with Demarcly.
Are you saying that I should declare it on my email server by technically registering it?

The private key needs to be installed on your mail server. Normally you would create it there, but if your email provider doesn’t give you a way to do that, you still need to install this private key there. No one but your email provider can tell you how to do that.


2048 bit DKIM keys are preferable and as @i40west noted, it is best to only expose the private key material to a system that requires it. Generating private keys on a third-party web-based tool exposes your secrets to unnecessary risk. I’d scuttle any keys you created in that manner and use a secure method to create new ones. Your mailserver operator should be able to assist you in this process.


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