Record quota exceeded. (Code: 81045)

I keep getting this error on my pro plan. I have 1,112 entries. What is the limit?

The docs unhelpfully don’t have a specific limit listed:

Does Cloudflare limit number of DNS records a domain can have?

Yes. Currently Free, Pro, and Business customers have a limit on the number of DNS records they can create.

The last numbers I saw were 3,500 on paid plans and 1,000 on the free plan but that would not explain your situation on Pro if you have around 1,000 unless the limits have changed.

@domjh is correct. Could you share your domain with me in a DM @engineering2 ?


@wouter thanks for following up on this. Just to check that you have sent @engineering2 a DM as they will not be able to message you unless you start the conversation.

Good catch, I DMed him now.


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