Record entering problems

Am having a problem entering MX records and other records, I entered all entries correctly ,please help .
How do I enter recor records without errors

Whats the domain?

You havent set any MX records

And the second domain does not point to Cloudflare anyhow.

Yes ,I have tried to enter MX ,but I couldn’t.
Error DNS validation Error (code:1004),
Most be an it 0 and 65535(code:9104)

Can you post a screenshot of what you entered?

Try to switch to desktop mode in your browser, there is a known issue with integers being incorrectly handled.

It worked, what about the second url not pointing to Cloudflare, how do I sole that?,thank you.

Actually, now it does seem to point to Cloudflare

Thank you for your help really appreciate

Please am having another problem entering CNAME record,error

Isnt the error message clear?

I’d generally recommend to switch to desktop mode.

While I have only 1 CNAME record www pointing to my domain

Am already in desktop mode

Which CNAME do you want to add?

From privateemail

That CNAME does not seem to exist yet. Can you post a screenshot of the dialog where you enter the data?

Well, the CNAME you are trying to add is not “privateemail” but “mail” and that value already exists.