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Hello, I have a problem with dns records when I connect two records with the same name but under a different ip, the site or minecraft server does not work then so I wanted to ask how to make the site and server work on the same domain address without any mc.stilemc .pl or

Hello, as in the subject, I have a problem with the dns record when I create two A records with the same name, but with a different ip address, it is a regular domain for the website and if I disconnect the A record from the domain that is connected to the minecraft server, no you can connect to a minecraft server

I don’t understand

what you wrote above

I gave an example of how I have it connected

All instances of a specific hostname need to be in the same state. In this case :grey:


well, I have gray, and so the domain for the www and the minecraft server does not work

:looks at the two sceenshots: You do now.

Just like now? Yes. If by now you mean after I suggested thwy both should be :grey: . Now that this is the case, what specific error do you receive?


and for example, if I wanted the website to have a proxy, how to make the domain work on the website and on the minecraft server

and how to connect a website to a proxy

I want the site to be broxy and enter the site without any subdomains and the same on minecraft server also enter without any subdomain


What you want is not possible.

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