Good evening, for the DKIM record for the domain, I should enter the following values:

• Type = TXT
• Name =
• Value = v = DKIM1; k = rsa; p = MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA3DLZhmyFxtYD5wkMu72A9OJua8BiqC3A9Mdbt88IIRIyuObGT6LpPfl + qF4TCI5OOYdDaQmcfmTQvbX9dIiD1N5xx22XbjuwR8kiymNxAVs6jhmH3KSHbVjQUgE / U2H1R2i8has5gNPY / gniUiyjtnhnPk5Nu kT82Mn3x4 + / + HHJ9q0ekg PBjmY3NMsJWe3XY4w7j9y0jL6Nm8oBAUj5aYWry / M5e4gVuy2u2nThIOQ8JHVp + c8cobWo89A5760UUjIb0QQpSQ9cO56HqkKlXA9kVjCjcATZHQGCKm4TAdimZLMj7WR9qaXuS1qfDJz> > WyPhe1Xkhaxpn3bZ3yqW7rwIDAQAB

Unfortunately I can not report them as incorrect as I should? Thanks Vittorio {redacted}

It does not look like you have that TXT record:

The name should be just default._domainkey in the Cloudflare DNS dashboard.

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Thank you so much

Ah, there it is!

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