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Hello, I am really grateful for your support to fix my problem with cnames and their propagation, I followed the advice you gave me and by turning off the proxy button on all cnames; The cnames were propagated correctly. Also in the DNS checker when searching for my domain name I looked for it as w w w. dominio . com and not as dominio . com and I could already see its correct global propagation.
Now my problem continues to be SRV and its spread. Reviewing the guides that both name cheap and sys teme . i o gave me, I realized that I am missing 3 records from the A record and 1 record from the CNAME record. I need to make these registrations for my domain to work correctly, but when I try to make these registrations in Cloudflare it does not allow me because it says that a record already exists with that name. so I find myself having to turn to their support team to be able to register them. I do not know if these records will allow the correct propagation of the SRV record, but from what I have investigated if it has something to do with the delivery of emails.
please let me know what i need to do that registrations
I thank you again for your support. This is my first time buying a domain and trying to set it up myself, thank you for your support.
Leticia Gonzalez.


Instead of describing what you think should be done, could you maybe explain what is currently not working as you expect it?

SRV records and email delivery have nothing to do with one another.

I need to do two things:

  1. Add three A records and one cname record. That is because when Im trying to add that records I can’t save.
  2. See my SRV propagated. I did one dns record for it, namecheap gave me that information. But I can’t see propagated the SRV record and I don’t have idea how to do that.
    Thank you so much.
    Leticia Gonzalez

Can you maybe also share your domain and what records you are supposed to create, as well as a screenshot of (select your domain)?

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Hi there,

To put it simple, the error you’re getting is due to the fact that you can’t have a CNAME record and other record with the same name. This is not a Cloudflare limitation, it’s simply how DNS works.
Please double-check the instructions you received and if this was indeed what was asked of you, it is impossible to accomplish.

I suspect somewhere along the way instructions got mixed, and you probably have 2 ways of doing what you need to do, one involving an A record and the other one a CNAME record. But his is speculation on my part.
Flow your instructions knowing that you can’t have both and maybe somehow you can make some sense of it, and if not, please contact the person sending the instructions.

Take care.

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